About Marie

Marie-Rizkalla-Art-Restoration-MNMarie is a first-generation American Egyptian who grew up in Palm Springs, California. In California she attended the University of California in Irvine, a school known for it’s rigorous Medical Sciences programs. She studied Biology and Art History, not knowing that these two passions could actually be combined into one career. It wasn’t until a year before graduating that Marie discovered that there were three graduate schools in the United States that offered Master’s Degrees in Art Conservation. Beside herself, Marie had a new focus during her last year as Bio/Art History double major; she was to hone her qualifications to become a suitable candidate to attend one of these graduate schools and prepare herself for a career as an Art Conservator.

After a substantial amount of experience in the field, Marie was accepted as one of nine students in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC) class of 2007. Under the guidance of Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner, Marie studied Paintings Conservation and developed her skills and knowledge within the rigorous graduate program.

Marie founded Fine Arts Conservation, LLC in 2010 to serve the Twin Cities. Despite the fact that the Twin Cities is a bustling metropolitan area with a refined art-sense, very few academically trained and experienced paintings conservators are accessible. Marie is thrilled to provide this service and to contribute to the diversity of the arts programs in the Twin Cities.

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